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Win A 2017 Toyota Highlander! Caribbean American Cultural Association

The Caribbean American Cultural Association proudly presents an opportunity for you to bless and be blessed by partaking in a raffle offering the following prizes:

1st Prize: A 2017 Toyota Highlander valued at $35,000.

2nd Prize: A week Disney Vacation in Orlando, Florida at a luxury resort.

3rd Prize: a 65" Samsung Curved Screen HDTV.

4th Prize: 1 Year Membership in Cacana.

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Find Out Where To Go This Year?

The Saint-Patron, the dates, and the locations!

Port-Morgan Resort is a 20-room ecological tourist complex located on the northwestern point of the island of Ile-a-Vache, the most restful and beautiful place in Haiti. Named after the pirate Henri Morgan, Port-Morgan awaits visitors with modern amenities including bar-restaurant, and secluded beaches.

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• Haiti's Hidden Treasures I: (1hr10 mn)

DVD-Documentary by Haitian filmmaker Patrick Dorsainvil, showing Port-au-Prince and its surroundings before the earthquake and touching the history, the people, geography and resources.


• Haiti's Hidden Treasures II: Awe-inspiring dvd showcasing Haiti's most popular cities surrounded by untouched natural beauty. 67 mns + 12 mns slideshow.

Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part 1 & 2: $30.00

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