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Jean-Paul Coutard Did It Again: A Second Bus Made In Haiti

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More comfortable, more powerful, and more reliable, Jean Paul Coutard, a bus manufacturer and  a native from Saint-Louis-du-Nord, released his second bus produced by his company Coutard Motors S.A. It is an improved version of the first one built in 2013 and can accommodate more passengers than the first, and has a 300 HP power versus 275 HP compared to the first one. According to the CEO of Coutard Motors, S.A., “this bus has the capacity to carry 60 passengers, while the first one only had 56 seats,” adding that the new bus is more comfortable, lighter and more powerful. It is equipped with interior surveillance camera as well as a backup camera.

A view of the 60-seats bus manufactured by Jean-Paul Coutard native of Saint-Louis-du-Nord, Haiti

Designed almost a year after the first bus (July 2014), the second bus has been completed earlier this year. “With gained experience from the first bus back in 2013, we fixed some imperfections,” added Jean Coutard. The young entrepreneur stated that even though the construction of the second bus took 2 years, it only took the company a few months to finish the work. “In many occasions we had faced financial difficulties,” he added.


The first Coutard Motors bus has been assigned to make the trip Port-de-Paix/Port-au-Prince in order to improve public transportation in the region. After two years in business, the first bus is still in good shape and powerful due to its reliability. Benefits made from this bus helped manufacture financially the new one. “Without funding, we find a way of re-investing our first revenues,” explained Jean-Paul Coutard native of Saint-Louis-du-Nord. He further stated that if he had sufficient funding it would only take 5 months to manufacture the bus.


To make the second bus, like the first one, his company imported some components that fit into his bus assembly line including the company-owned parts, under his supervision. He’s been so thankful to a team of dynamic people who work with him in the construction of the vehicle acknowledging that their support contributed to a substantial reduction in production cost.


According to Jean Coutard, the company could produce more buses on a timely basis if he had a manufacturing plant along with adequate funding. He enthusiastically reported that the first and second buses were manufactured in the courtyard of a friend’s enterprise, believing that things will somehow change one day. Coutard Motors, S.A. plans to release later this year a model of city buses that will improve the conditions of public transportation within the cities.


Jean-Paul Coutard dreams of a decent public transportation in Haiti where passengers will feel more relaxed and very comfortable. He also plans to open a professional auto mechanic school to encourage his qualified team to overcome many challenges.


Source Le Nouvelliste

Last updated 07/26/16

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