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About By Patrick Dorsainvil

As a nature's lover, I've been always fascinated by the wonders of nature. Over the past 20 years, I have visited many places in Haiti and had the opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating sites where the path of history and astonishing sceneries have left the most unforgettable memories.


These trips have inspired me to capture on video and in pictures such natural resources in order to share them with all citizens of the world and make them aware of an excellent part of our civilization. With Haiti's mounting problems and ecological devastation, my goal is to contribute and promote an environmental and cultural awareness to help protect and improve our environment along with our culture.


If you want to have a different image of Haiti, this site is a wonderful source of information which attempts to bridge the gap between the outside world and the new Haitian experience. In doing so, I hope to educate people on the different aspects of the Haitian culture and change the dominant perception of Haiti. Once again, "Welcome to Haitian Treasures"!

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