Jean-Baptiste Pointe-Du-Sable The Founder of The City of Chicago

Jean-Baptiste Point Du Sable was born around 1745 in Saint-Marc, a city of the French Colony of Saint Domingue, which 60 years later was to become independent and adopt the name of HAITI.  His French father was the captain of a ship called the “Black Sea Gull” and his mother Suzanne, a black slave in that city.  During a Spanish raid on the town of Saint-Marc, Suzanne was killed and young Jean-Baptiste saved himself by swimming to his father’s ship. Then his father sent him a Catholic School in France to be educated. At age 20, along with his best friend Jacques Clemorgan, he decided to move to the United States. The ship was caught in a storm near New Orleans and wrecked. Jean-Baptiste and Clemorgan escaped alive and made it safely to the land.

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Port-Morgan Resort is a 20-room ecological tourist complex located on the northwestern point of the island of Ile-a-Vache, the most restful and beautiful place in Haiti. Named after the pirate Henri Morgan, Port-Morgan awaits visitors with modern amenities including bar-restaurant, and secluded beaches.

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DVD-Documentary by Haitian filmmaker Patrick Dorsainvil, showing Port-au-Prince and its surroundings before the earthquake and touching the history, the people, geography and resources.


• Haiti's Hidden Treasures II: Awe-inspiring dvd showcasing Haiti's most popular cities surrounded by untouched natural beauty. 67 mns + 12 mns slideshow.

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